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 *updated on 05/07/2024*   
Commissions Closed until August~September
New requests will be put onto the waitlist for the next opening date.

Prices and Examples


• Gouache or watercolour: 68€
• Markers: 63€
• Digital: 48€

Half Body

• Gouache or watercolour: 78€ 
• Markers: 73€
• Digital: 58€

Full Body

• Gouache or watercolour: 93€
• Markers: 88€
• Digital: 73€

Pet-only Drawing

• Gouache or watercolour: 65€
• Markers: 60€
• Digital: 55€ 

Linework / Black and White shading

• 48€ - 80€+ (according to complexity)


Extra human figure: +90%
Add a small pet (birds, rodents, fish, any small animals): +33€
Add a medium/big pet (cats, dogs, horses, any bigger animals): +38€

Add a simple plain background or a floral wreath/frame: +33€
Add a detailed background (detailed light, textures and plants) : +48€
Add a super detailed background (landscape, sky, room interior, perspective): +63€


Gouache / watercolour samples: painted on a thicker paper, which you can still see the texture. Textures are a lot stronger and appealing with these materials. These are better to paint detailed illustrations with large backgrounds

Marker samples: painted on a softer paper. Colours are a bit more neon-ish and the textures aren't as strong as in gouache/watercolour. Markers are great for quick illustrations, since the ink dries fast. Better for illustrations with smaller areas and simple or no background

Digital samples: Colours are quite strong and the details look very sharp. Good for plain backgrounds or illustrations that can be reused for multiple purposes. Textures have to be added manually and don't look as natural as traditional media.


Please read the following rules before ordering

I will do:

Original characters / Fanart / Couples  / Animals / Nature / Food / NSFW (depends)

I will not do:

Meccha / violence / gore / offensive stuff


How to order

If you are interested, please send me an email with the title "COMMISSION" to [email protected] and include the following information:

Please, be as detailed as you can, and don't worry, you're not spamming me with info! :)

When I receive your order I'll tell you if I can accept it and will ask for your PayPal address to send the invoice.

I'll only begin working on your commission AFTER receiving the payment (full upfront or 50%)

The original drawing (without watermark) will be sent to you in high resolution as soon as I finish it.





• Portugal - 7€

• European Union - 9,50€

• Everywhere else - 10,50 €

If I don't finish your commission in a month don't worry! It's because probably I'm super busy or the work is pretty complex. I NEVER forget my commissions! So don't panic because I'll get your commission done. If you need, feel free to ask how the work is going and I'll send you progress photos. If you urgently need your drawing, let me know. I won't charge more for that. But be reasonable. Do this ONLY if you really need it with some urgency.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask! : )


T O P . P R I O R I T Y . S L O T S
• Not taking priority commissions until I finish my current commission queue

R E G U L A R . S L O T S
• 01. Kara Hurst - [Progress: DONE]      
• 02. Kate Valent - [Progress: DONE]  
• 03. Kate Valent - [Progress: DONE]  
• 04. Ali Alowais - 1 Full Body + 4 cats + bg (gouache) - Paid - [Progress: DONE]  
05. Lydia Kilian - 2x Full Body + bg (digital) - Paid - [Progress: DONE]  
06. Frances Smith - 1 Dog + bg (gouache) - Paid - [Progress: DONE]

01. Sylvie Cathrall - 2x Half Body B&W Couples - email  
• 02. Hadley Fitzgerald - 2x Pet Fancy Portraits - email