I'm Inês!! From the lovely Coimbra, Portugal. I'm the human creature behind the shop and I'm   also known as inestheunicorn on the webs.


I've worked as a Computer Engineer, but my passion for colourful paints and handmade crafts was bigger than me, so now I'm doing my best to pursue art as a career. One of my biggest dreams is to live surrounded by nature, maybe own a tiny farm with a few animals (pigeons too, ofc) and spend my days creating things that bring you joy. 


So I want to give you a warm welcome into my little world and I hope you enjoy your stay ☆


Everytime you order any of my products you brighten my day and help me achieve my dreams. If you can't order but would like to support my art, feel free to visit me on your fave social media platforms.


If you want to get in touch for projects and collaborations, just send a message to [email protected] and I can't wait to hear your ideas! For all shop questions, just use the contact form in the menu.


I send you much love from the magical lands of Portugal!


Inês D.